Graduate Students of Color

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A place for graduate students of color to support, socialize, and collaborate!
This community is for graduate students* (and even would-be grads!) of color. Grad school can be isolating enough and that often goes triple for non-white students pursuing an advanced degree. Here is a space for graduate students of color to make connections with one another and share good news, advice, grief, and information with other POC in grad school. All fields/disciplines are more then welcome!!

If you would, please post this short introduction upon joining so we can get to know you a little better~
School & Program:
Research Interests:
Something you'd like us all to know (funny somethings get 10 pts.):

*Though this community is geared towards those already accepted/enrolled in grad school, those POC interested in applying to grad programs are also welcome to join and participate. We strongly suggest those would-be grads also join applyingtograd for answers to the more basic questions (Do I have to take the GRE? What if my GPA is...?, etc.) and look here for information on the overall POC grad experience or information on certain programs/schools/departments.